Why You Need a Real Estate Agent When Buying

As a professional Real Estate Agent, a primary responsibility of mine is to act on behalf of my clients best interests to the best of my ability, providing unwavering commitment to you whether you buy or sell. When buying, my ultimate objective is to get you from 'motivated buyer' to 'delighted homeowner' in the most efficient, legally sound manner. Here is what you can expect from me.

To Educate You about the Market Dynamics
As I laid out in the previous article, it is critical that you, as a buyer, are very clear on the current market dynamics to ensure you are fully informed allowing yo to make the very best decisions when the time comes. If you haven't already read it, please click here for a quick read about this subject.

To Educate You about the Neighbourhood
Choosing your next neighbourhood is one of the most exciting parts of buying a home and your I will play a critical role in educating you about the pros and cons of Greater Vancouver's various neighbourhoods. I will help you understand the neighbourhood schools, transportation options, demographics, nearby restaurants/shops/services and any trends or even crime rate that are happening in that neighbourhood. 

To Perform Due Diligence on the Property
A big part of my role as a Buyer's Agent is helping you do your due diligence on the property. That involves:
  • Fully touring & investigating the property. Carefully assessing each room as an extra set of eyes, looking for signs wear or worse. 
  • Discussing all critical matters with the listing agent. Items like: roofing issues, water damage, renovations and respective permits,  Have there been any water issues in the basement? Were the renovations completed with permits? Are there any issues with the neighbours?
  • Finding out about the operating costs of the property for core items like: BC Hydro, Fortis Gas, seasonal maintenance requirements, Strata overhead, etc.
As a buyer's agent, one of my most important responsibilities is to make sure you don’t buy the WRONG house.

To Negotiate Price and Contract Terms
As your Buyer's Agent, I work for you, period. My  job is to negotiate the lowest possible price with the best possible terms for the you. I examine the price history of the homes you’re interested in, the prices of comparable homes in the neighbourhood and what’s happening right now in the market. I'm very clear how the differences between properties affect value (like lot size, construction variables, the number of bathrooms or bedrooms, finishes or view) and will guide you accordingly. I protect you by crafting your offer as 'conditional', which provides you the right amount of time to secure the proper professional support (like a home inspection) to fully maximize your ability to make the best informed decision possible. 

To Help You Find Your Home
Today’s Buyers have so many tools at your disposal to initiate searches on your terms, when convenient for you. This is terrific to be honest. But that doesn’t mean that a Buyer Agent like me does not play an critical role in locating homes. Like you, I have search tools too but I would characterize then as somewhat more functional which are equally critical to manage. The combined tools make us a powerful team. More importantly though, you have me and my skills and my network and my drive to talk to whomever, whenever I have to to get what I need on your behalf. Too often Buyers miss out on opportunities because they aren't working with a Realtor or their Realtor isn't working hard enough for them. Regardless of market conditions, your Realtor should be on top of the market every day ensuring you find what you want, you get access to view it and will write up an offer when you're ready with the urgency and discipline required to ensure you get what you want.

As a Buyer’s Agent, I will also:
  • Help you determine your needs and priorities
  • Reduce financial surprises by helping you determine the full cost of buying a property and the ongoing costs of owning it
  • See ‘potential’ in a home and suggest ways you can increase the value of your home
  • Connect you with the best lawyers, lenders and home inspectors
  • Be an ongoing resource for connecting you with home professionals to help once you own the home
Why Does 'Who I Hire Matter'?
Make no mistake about it, who you hire to represent you on the purchase of a home absolutely matters. Who you choose to work with will impact the choice of the home you buy, the neighbourhood you buy it in and how much you pay. It can mean the difference between overpaying vs paying fair market value or unknowingly buying a house that will cost you $25K in surprise repairs vs knowing before you buy

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